Heavenly Cake Pops Digital DVD

This is an Instant Digital Download of our "Making Heavenly Cake Pops" DVD.  How to make cake pops with NO "KITCHEN GADGETS" something everyone can do at home! Please Note No physical DVD will be sent. Aprox 12 minutes. Language: English. 

Have you tried to make Cake Pops but…

  • They fall off the stick when you make them?
  • They crack when they are dry?
  • The coating just doesn’t look smooth?

Other questions like:

  • What kind of cake is best?
  • What kind of candy coating do I use?
  • Do you use Paramount Crystals?

Or have you just wanted to try it on your own and don’t know where to start?

You can find out online, free, but its not my way (its HARDER!) these are the tips and tricks I have learned after making several 1,000′s! 


***IMPORTANT***  Make sure you have, or have downloaded a .flv player on your computer. There are free programs on the Internet to download such as, RealPlayer Cloud, but there are several video players out there that will play ".flv files."  Do this prior to downloading the digital DVD for best results.

Next, the video is best downloaded to your computer. The file may be too big for successful use on your phone.

Check Your "Downloads" Folder!

It takes about 5 minutes to complete the download (it may be faster or slower - depending on your Internet speed)  and it may, or may not inform you where it is in the download process (ie: 10-15-25% complete). If you download is suddenly "unavailable" The file is already downloaded and it may be stored in your "downloads folder" and be named "digitaldvd1221.flv" If you have any questions, just ask - info@thebestcakepops.com!

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Heavenly Cake Pops Digital DVD

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