$29.99 Easy Roller Pre-Order Only


Important Details:

    • If you need an Easy Roller in 7-10 days, this pre-sale will not work for you. Order here
    • The first wave of a minimum 500 Easy Rollers will start shipping mid December 2020 for Christmas Delivery. Subsequent Easy Rollers will ship as they are produced.
    • This post will be updated and will reflect manufacturing and shipping updates as we have them! The first update will be the first week of October.
    • Take a look at all the tips and tricks of using the Easy Roller HERE
    • To get the Easy Roller down to this price point we need to be able to place a large bulk order. If we do not get enough pre-sales to fulfill our requirement all money collected will be refunded 10/16/2020-10/22/2020.
    • The pre-sale is only for the Easy Roller. The "Mini Easy Roller" is not eligible.
    • See our Blog Post "The Flaw" for more information



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$29.99 Easy Roller Pre-Order Only

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